Strapo, the prodigy of Slovakian hip hop scene has been a boy wonder ever since he was 16 years old. He was killing it on the freestyle battle circuit. He was killing it so bad he has not lost one battle in years! And when he finally did, he has put the whole freestyle battle rap thing behind him and started to focus on his recording career only. Going through a lot of personal shit – his mom in jail, him almost dying in a fatal car accident where his friend behind the wheel who had a wife and a kid at home didn’t make it. All of this has made him tunnel vision focus on his rap and nothing else.
2 albums, one mixtape in a form of an album and one EP later he’s right here as one of the most stellar names on the local scene. His live shows are setting the bars for the others, the 50:50 way he works with his DJ Spinhandz could last be seen when NatILL and DJ Static did it. He’s not the one to be missed or fucked with.