Kaos One & DJ Craim, Danno & DJ Baro /IT/

Kaos One, DJ Craim, Danno and DJ Baro are four of five members of the super Italian team Good Old Boys. Kaos One is one of the most representative artists of the real hardcore hip hop scene in Italy since the Eighties and he is gifted with a powerful voice and unrivaled stage presence. In the last years of his career he formed a great and perfect duo together with Dj Craim, currently among the best turntablists, who became vice World Champion at ITF in 2005 — when he was only 16! Danno, another one of the most influential and skillful Italian MC, is a co-founder of the historical hip hop crew Colle der Fomento, active since 1994. DJ Baro – DJ, beat maker and former break dancer – joined the crew between 1998 and 1999. Danno and DJ Craim are also part of the musical innovative project of cyberpunk rap called Artificial Kid. If you wanna have a good time with the best of Italian hip hop, listen to some excellent flow, and enjoy turntablism at a very high level, these guys are the names you were looking for!