H16 /SK/

These guys dubbed “legendarna crew” (legendary crew) is really special. Whats the usual story you hear not only in hip hop? A bunch if guys grow up together, thinking how tight they are as a crew. They start making music, first success comes and with the first money, hunger for more comes in. Someone has more talent than the others and suddenly has other people whispering in his ear how he does not need the other and should venture on a solo career… Well you can forget ant that scenario here. Majk Spirit has made it solo. Big time. Judging Czecho-Slovakia got talent big. Covers of ALL The magazines here. From music to style, guys admiring his rhymes to girls loving his looks. BUT, he still got love for his crew. Got his own label and is undoubtedly the leader of the crew but still takes them everywhere he goes. So yes, even when the success hits, its possible to remain a tight crew plus don’t get it twisted, they release dope music, so is their last album called Sila (Force). Coming with the live band they promise to be one of the local highlights of the festival.