Common /USA/


The cards are on the table, but there is still time for one last trump. Time to pull the ace from our sleeve. Ah, here we are… Common.

16 years ago we were standing on a parking lot in Pardubice, with open eyes, dreaming about a hip hop festival, Common was already a boss. It isn’t that difficult to be the “hot stuff” for one season, to get on a wave and ride it for as long as it lasts. But to remain on top for 25 years, that is quite something. Common released 11 albums, went out with Serena, Erykah Badu, Kerry Washington or Taraji P. Henson. He acted in more than thirty films and collected so many awards, that is hard to count them all, but the 3 Grammys are impossible to forget.

He became a role model, an icon, a leader, a voice and an acclaimed lyricist and activist. He survived all fads, trends and still remained near the top. The respect that he receives doesn’t falter and remains the same in the streets of Chicago or Hollywood.

Those sixteen years ago we had the guts to dream, but not only to dream, but believe that somewhere down the line it will be possible. That we will bring him to you. Now in 2017 it becomes reality. Soon, he and his crew are flying over and maybe, just maybe, we’ll spend the next 16 years talking about how great it was.